Bryan Lambke is a young man with Down Syndrome. Using pictures from the family album, Bryan shares what it is like to have Down Syndrome and what being normal and having a disability means to him. I Just Am offers a close up look at one young man with Down Syndrome sharing both the things that make him different and also the multitude of things that make him like other boys. In addition, it has information sections that parents can use to answer any questions their children have. This is a terrific introduction to Down Syndrome.

Tammy Cardwell

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If your family includes someone with Down syndrome, you and your children probably know much of what this book has to share, but it's always heartwarming to know that you're not alone in your journey. If your family does not include someone with Down syndrome, you'll probably learn a lot you didn't know. It will help everyone understand and perhaps break barriers so that you can learn to be more accepting of people with disabilities.

Jill Hart

May 10, 2007

I Just Am is a poignant look into the life of someone living with Down syndrome. Throughout the book you can sense Lambke's confusion and frustration at being treated differently. Yet despite the obstacles, he is now twenty-three years old, works two jobs and has met two mayors and a governor as well as numerous celebrities. Readers will come away knowing more about Down syndrome as well as what day-to-day life is like for someone like Lambke.

Janet Napolitano

former Governor of the State of Arizona
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I, Janet Napolitano, Governor of the State of Arizona, do hereby salute I Just Am: Promoting Down Syndrome Awareness and Tolerance and Bryan Lambke and his family and friends, for providing all of us with an insight into his world and inspiring us with his life.

Corona del Sol High School

Tempe, Arizona

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... Bryan, who wrote the book along with his dad, speaks candidly about his disability, It is not my fault. I just am. This active young man has an infectious personality; he knows that he's not stupid, but acknowledges that he is slow. He knows that he does not look normal,but questions just what that means ... This engaging and helpful book updates older titles that might describe people as suffering from or being afflicted withmental retardation. Weed those and replace them with this one.

Christine Summers

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The interview was fabulous! Thanks for bringing your world to us

Michelle Castillo

Bright Beginnings Charter School
Resource Room
Chandler, Arizona
September 12, 2006

... I would like to thank you both for your presentation at our school. Your story is very special and had a lasting impression on our school's students, teachers, and parents. The feedback to date has been nothing short of amazing ...


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Summer 2006

... it's an honest and often funny account of living with a disability ...


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This book is an illustration of how people with Down syndrome can embrace life and its challenges. The picture and caption format will also make it accessible to teenagers with Down syndrome who would like to read about someone like themselves.

Barbara McLoone, Ph.D.

Arizona State University
College of Education
March 29, 2006

It has been such a wonderful experience for me and for the students at ASU to have the privilege of sharing your lives and hearing your stories. Overtime, the ASU students will probably not remember me, but they will certainly remember both of you. As a teacher (and human being), it's exciting and heart-warming to watch as the two of you make significant differences in the thinking, feelings, and lives of the pro-service teachers you touch.

It is an honor to know both of you. You both have accomplished much and given much to others. In today's world, it is refreshing and reinforcing to know that others carry the message regarding how much we are GIVEN when our lives intersect with the lives of students with disabilities. It is also a wonderful feeling to know that there are many of us who continue to carry the torch for students with disabilities in terms of who they are and what they CAN do. The challenge in my life as a teacher of students with disabilities has always been working with those who do not have one!!! And, I assume you know exactly what that feels like.

Each student will write a summary and I will share those with you. But I couldn't let another day go by without thanking you both from the bottom of my heart.

In a book that is both charming and disarming, Bryan Lambke, a young man with Down syndrome, invites readers into his world, where he has the same dreams and emotions as everyone else. I have a disability," Bryan says. It is not my fault. I just am." Bryan and his father, Tom Lambke, help readers examine what is normal in I Just Am. The book has information about Down syndrome and insights aimed at debunking old myths.

Sue Peoples

Author of Understanding How Children with Down Syndrome Learn

A snapshot of life, from the perspective of a person who has Down syndrome, Bryan Lambke enchants the reader in his insightful and heartwarming biography, I Just Am. This new book is a powerful reminder that society must unselfishly reflect on the definition of normal' for the betterment of human kind. The most instrumental tool to date for advancing inclusion, I Just Am, is an absolute must for all school and public libraries.